WMT - A new motion tracker.

As I was browsing this forum, I found the SaitoHUD which had some sort of entity tracking function.
This inspired me, and I created my own version which handles multiple entities.

The video below does not have the newest function, but it should give you the basic idea.


Newest function:


Very cool. Though, SaitoHUD supports multiple entities by the way – you just have to enable some cvar.

Oh Well, in case people only want this function, as it’s quite useful, they could use this.
Also, mine keeps track of speed at certain points,something of which i’m not sure SaitoHUD does.

Nice job

Looks pretty awesome from the video. I’ll be sure to try it out some time.

I’m more interesting in trying to figure out what the hell all those planes are in your SENT list.

That’ll be the neuro planes pack.

I can only see this being useful for cannons.

Or are there other uses?

Almost anything where you need to see the physical path of something. A lot of moving contraptions can be no collided to avoid colliding, but if you need some parts to be solid as a way of seeing errors, but need to make sure they don’t collide, I guess this could be useful.


I never build so I don’t really know.