Wo play solo and wo in group ? Simply poll

Hi all, this is a simply poll too know more about Rust players on the forum

  1. Solo player

  2. Small group ( max 3 players )

  3. Big Group ( 4 or more players)

Seems like a reasonable poll, I myself play in a 2-3 members group

I voted small 2-3 man group but it’s actually all of the above. I play mostly solo because of the time I play (late evening/night). I do like to team and I do enjoy the benefit of having one, but most of the time I just end up alone and I’m fine with it, my base building skills and whits are enough to keep me safe from the big boys most of the time.

I currently have a ~10ish man team but there is rarely more than 2-3 of us on at the same time. It’s working out pretty well.

solo because when i get bored i don’t want to have to answer to team-mates when i roam doing whatever random shit i feel like.

up to 3 players for the same reason; too many more than that feels crowded.

There are about 10 people in my group total… Usually right after a wipe, most of us will be on and work together to build a large, secure base. On a regular basis, there’s rarely more than 3-4 people on at a time. And when we don’t have a specific objective, most of the time we do our own thing.

I’ve done all of them at various times.

Where is the “depends on the situation” option?

I have even played both at the same time.

Lol mate is a multiple choise poll… :wink: u can select 2 options … ( or?)

wow… lot of solo , nice too see this !!

The clan I’am in, has 3 people in it (including me.) But, what we do is make alliances with other small clans so we can all team against the bigger clans on the server we play on.

ok after few days poll say this … 50% players play solo and 50% play whit frends…

opened this poll only too verify this situation, and maybe too ask Garry a little help too the solo player… whi :rocket launcher , revive wounded bodis, stars , more materials needed too build house and the futur new incendiary ammo and more, only helped people wo play in group .
Y think difficulty too survive for solo player , weeck after weeck bekoming higher !
What u think mates?

P.S. Please y now, too craft c4 and rocket need a lot of stuff … ( as solo y got no time whit weeck- wipe too craft 1 c4 ) if y dont want see raiders on my sleeping bag ;)), and y now my Engl is realy realy bad sorry :confused:
Ah and ym playng ( and survive) solo in a high populated server 100-170 players online … buth 5 hours pro day , (35 in the live of server bevor wipe) only build defence are a little too much on my vision … and naturally if a 6-7 or more group players targeting my base , ym dead day after day …

I kinda thought this was common knowledge…most game’s playerbases come from solo players. Pretty much always.

After last update , is time too refresch this poll…