Wohoot, admin for 5 seconds

Got promoted there for about 5 secs

I think it’s happening to everybody, but congrats :p.

Nope? Just saying the plain offline message for me.

Well, it’s happening to me as well and I’ve seen other people having screenshots of it too, I guess it’s bugged for some people.

Every few times you refresh that bug seems to happen.

I don’t sit there spamming the refresh button so I haven’t noticed.

The amount of people doing that right now is probably substantial, sadly. The servers the game is hosted on seems pretty good though.

Woo! First order of business, free gunpowder for everybody!

Yes please. All i want to do next really is learn to make gunpowder and the various ammos without having to kill anyone as i have the research kit and paper already :frowning: no one is nice enough to loan me some without it being shot from a gun first though.

Now that we have admin access, we can make as many beta keys as we want!:downs: (In 5 seconds.)

Nigga are you retarded

I hope you have your NAACP card :v: