Wolf: ET

Gamemode about:
This is officially a WIP, but it is also an idea for you complainers that there are no new gamemodes anymore.
It’s about a game called Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, which is ran on the q3 engine.

I won’t include the entire game, because… like Garry’s Mod, W:ET (Short name for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory) has many gamemodes.

If time permits, and I want to, I may try to create some admin mods that are in W:ET. There are many admin modifications in W:ET. If I do create some, I will only create the most popular. Also, there’s no Lua in W:ET. Everything extra is coded in C++. Of course I’m going to code these in Lua. So it won’t look that much the same. Anyway, for now, I am focusing on making and overall gamemode. Derma is very important also. Good mapping will be required too. Although I’m not good at making maps… oh who am I kidding? I’m not good at making derma either. I might not include xp, but then again, if I want to make this successful then I will have to. One last thing before I tell you about the actual game: I’m going to have trouble making models, maybe eventually there will be custom models.

Game about:
It’s a FPS, based off World War II.
First off, there’s a couple versions. 2.55, which, imo is really fun. However, there’s lots of exploits, including changing rcon, changing you’re GUID (basically a STEAM ID), flooding servers with fake people, etc. 2.60 which has lots of bug-fixes, but, at the same time, not a lot of bug fixes. Lastly, 2.60b aka 2.6b. This fixes rcon exploits, and lots others.

When you join a server, the first menu brought up in-game will either be the Limbo menu, or you will be spectating. You can choose to join a team, either Allies (Americans, and every other country that was trying to destroy the nazi’s + japanese)
or Axis (Nazi’s, and the Japanese)
You may spectate too.
You can either choose to fight and get most xp, or complete objectives. Objectives can also up you’re xp.

I don’t expect to finish it
Yeah… I don’t think I’ll finish it, so if you expect it to be amazing, you really shouldn’t. I am aware that some of you may be mad about this, though at the same time, lots of you won’t, because you don’t care.

Once again, I am not expecting to release it due it being suckish, and I am not accepting anyone to code, map, make derma either, because I don’t want to let you down, and say, ‘Oh yeah, thanks guys for this effort! By the way, you’re all off the team, and I’m not releasing it. Have a nice day :)’ after you do a lot of work.
I hope I gave some of you more advanced Lua scripters out there some ideas. Have a nice day.

please pictures or something, this isn’t too many information

Have you even started?

Why post pictures if I haven’t started. I even posted that I didn’t start. I said I will start, and this is also an idea for other people too.

so, you haven’t started it but as you say “I don’t expect to finish it”
it is interesting

I will start it but I won’t expect to finish it.

Lot’s of school work, and everything. I will start over break, but not sure if I can get much farther after this. Can you comprehend what I am saying?
It is interesting.

Then why make a thread?

Why is it that you type that way? It is hard to comprehend what you are saying.
It is strange.

Seriously though why would you start a project if you have real-life deals to move on through with then you obviously can’t consider starting a project ? You should just wait to do stuff.

Flash, I started this project yesterday, and I actually don’t have much to do in rl, as I’m a nolifer. I just don’t expect to finish it because things will start to get complicated, I will probably get frustrated, and ragequit. Then come back in like 2 months to finish it because I learned how to do that shit. And, once again… this was also an idea for you guys.

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