wolf pets!

im sorry i cant help it I love wolves and tend to be a nomad in rust but would still like company when we combine these facts about myself i have the idea that rust should allow u to have wolf pets wouldnt that be cool, and yes im aware that wolves dont have much health soo a soloution to this would be wolf amour

this has been discussed several times.

Go back to Minecraft, your idea’s are not welcome here.

Like Thor said, this is an idea that has been proposed before. I don’t necessarily have any issue with it, but I don’t think it really fits thematically. These are wild animals, not dogs, and I can’t think of a taming process that wouldn’t feel contrived.

easy, we just go up to them and use the mic to say “nice doggy” and press e to pat them until they become friendly.

i don’t mind the idea, but i agree with you; one difficulty is “taming” that suits rust, which would probably be more akin to “here have some meat, and if you turn on my i’m hit you with a rock”. also, i would not want to see “special” wolves with extra health/damage/intelligence. they would be your stock standards, and just as frail, just as aggressive.

I think the best way to tame a wolf in Rust would be to first build a Trap Cage, we lure a wolf into the cage with meat, it gets trapped in the cage, we could either use a dart tranquilizer knock it out to sleep then carry it back or a long stick with a collar on the end to transport the wolf back to base.

Once its back to base we put it in a cage.

The way to tame it would be you have to feed it three times a day or so for a period of time before its tame enough to be trained as a Animal Partner. There would be a variety of commands it would be trained to do. Sit, wait, guard, attack etc.

There could be a type of Training Meter that tells you how much longer before the wolf is tamed and ready as you would have to go through a variety of tier levels to train your wolf.

For example the first tier level would be the Savage Stage in that the wolf would be completely savage and aggressive, to move to the next tier level you would need to feed it a lot until its calm every time you feed it, this then would indicate its ready for the next level of training.

The second stage would be the Basic Training Stage in that you would build an extra room to the cage for more room for certain commands like Sit, Come, Stay, Follow, Guard, the idea would be to call out training words and feed the wolf every time it successfully does one. for example you would tell the wolf Sit, then walk to one of end of the Cage then call out Come, if it does then you give it some meat.

The Third stage would be the Attack stage, you would build attack dummies for it to attack and feed it meat for rewards.

For reward meat we could have small bits of meat cut up and Called Reward Meat or something.

Really? I figured it would be a feature of the AI. It is all about overriding the animal’s instinct to fear you.

In AI terms, a fear/trust scale would need to be established. If an animal is fearful of you it either attacks or flees, depending on it’s decision tree. Through actions such as feeding the animal, and not attacking it, you being to move up the fear/trust scale. As you do, the decision tree changes. Once you have achieved a certain level of trust the decision tree for you would be that of a tamed animal.

I’d certainly love it. No wolf armor though. When it’s dead, it’s dead… more a companion to the lone warriors than a tactical asset :slight_smile:

A problem with a tameable anything is that you would almost certainly expend the effort and resources to tame whatever and BLAM! It gets killed in a single headshot by another player. And given how the devs are trying for somewhat realism animals magically gaining more defense by being tamed is unlikely.

Yet they are somehow going to implement wild horses (which magically are native to an island… maybe they drop them out of airplanes too?) … that you can ride on…

I know people are very caught up in realism… but if they are going to implement wild ridable horses…they might as well introduce tamable pets too…

Yes, that me up on my trained wolf/warg getting back at you for stealing my metal fragments.