Wolf Prop Protection




WPP Stands for Wolf Prop Protection, Witch is a powerful new prop protection system.
Have you ever been in a situation where you have given one of your friends buddie access on the prop protection to do somthing and then they just abbuse that privalige.
Maybe you’ve been scared to hand out prop protection because people can easily remove and duplicate your contraptions.
Well i’m sure every gmod player has said “Oh i wish i could only allow them to do what i want them to do.” WPP is the answer to this problem.
By seperating the differnt actions players can do to other players props, WPP offers a more secure prop protection.
WPP also has a prop share feature and a built in anti-noclip as well as featuring a stlyish and user freindly interface.



Actions control the limits of your prop protection buddies.

Physgun = Speaks for itself allows Physgun control over your entitys.
Grab = Gravity Gun access over your entitys.
Tool = Again this allows for ToolGun access over your entitys.
Use = Allows players to press the use key on your entitys.
Remove = Remover tool acces to remove your entitys.*
Duplicate = Duplicater and Advanced Duplicater tool acces to your contraptions.*
No Clip = Like Uclip it allows players to noclip into your entitys.
Damage = Prevent players from smashing up and destroying your props.
CPPI = This is just for CPPI based addons.

  • This Tool is only accesable with this Action even with Tool Access you can not use it with out this Action but also you do not need tool access.

The Menu


The list shows players as they join, it also removes players when they leave, so you never have to refresh the menu once its open.
You can open the Menu with ‘wpp_menu’ or ‘wpp_share’ for prop share.
You can access the Admin menu under the ‘Admin’ section of the ‘Utilities’ tab.
There are also 3 buttons in the utilities tab.



The hud has several modes that cna be changed in the menu.
By deafult the hud is in ‘Side Box’ mode witch is simular to SPP’s hud.


You can change the hud to show PP status in the center of props by changing the mode.


To better understand this feature just join a WPP server and take a look.


E2 Gate Functions (wiremod)
Number = wppTouch() -> The number returned represents the Touch Action.
Number = wppPickUp() -> The number returned represents the PickUp Action.
Number = wppTool() -> The number returned represents the Tool Action.
Number = wppRemove() -> The number returned represents the Remove Action.
Number = wppDuplicate() -> The number returned represents the Duplicate Action.
Number = wppUse() -> The number returned represents the Use Action.
Number = wppNoClip() -> The number returned represents the NoClip Action.
Number = wppDamage() -> The number returned represents the Damage Action.
Number = wppCPPI() -> The number returned represents the CPPI Action.

Number = Player:wppPlayerCan(Entity,Access) -> Returns (0/1) if Player can do the Action on Entity.
Number = Player:wppPlayerTrusts(Player,Access) -> Returns (0/1) if Player1 trusts Player2 to do Action.
Number = Player:wppGetTrust(Access) -> Returns (0/1) if the E2 owner trusts Player to do Action.
Number = Entity:wppGetPropShare(Access) -> Retruns (0/1) if Entity has PropShare Acces for Action.

Player:wppSetTrust(Access,Allow) -> Sets the E2s owners trust for player to do action when allow is (0/1).
Entity:wppSetPropShare(Access,Allow) -> Sets the PropShare for Action on Entity, When the E2 owner owns Entity.




wpp_allow_use_on_world Default ‘1’
Set to ‘0’ to disable ‘use’ on world objects.
Set to ‘1’ to enable Players to be able to ‘use’ on world objects.
Set to ‘2’ to enable Admins to be able to ‘use’ on world objects.
Set to ‘3’ to enable Super Admins to be able to ‘use’ on world objects.

wpp_allow_admins Default ‘2’
Set to ‘0’ to disable overpowering.
Set to ‘1’ to enable Admins to overpower Players.
Set to ‘2’ to enable Super Admins to overpower Players and Admins.

wpp_anti_noclip Default ‘1’
Set to ‘0’ to disable noclip protection.
Set to ‘1’ to enable noclip protection.

wpp_auto_cleanup Default ‘300’
Set to the time (in seconds) it takes before a disconected players entities are removed.
Set to ‘0’ to disable auto clean up.

wpp_auto_admins Default ‘0’
Set to 0 to enable auto cleanup for all players.
Set to 1 to disable auto cleanup for all Admins.
Set to 2 to disable auto cleanup for all SuperAdmins.

wpp_stop_damage Default ‘1’
setting this to 0 disables the damage action from preventing damage.




Goluch (Me).
Doridian -> Inspired me to learn lua
Divran -> Taught me lua.
Divran -> CPPI implementation.
JamesBond -> Dev Testing
PepsiHax -> Dev Testing



Here have an SVN link:
DO NOT UPLOAD TO GARRYSMOD.org or any other site.
AND REMBER POST BUG REPORTS, (Should be fixed rapidly)

SVN Commits
[35] Fixed Admin Menu not working properly. (For real this time)
[30] Added new Admin menu under the ‘Admin’ section of the ‘Utilities’ tab.
[29] Fixed Damage Action.
[27] Added Damage Action.
[25] Added new HUD Modes.
[21] Added convar ‘wpp_auto_admins’.
[20] Super Admins can now access disconnected players props.
[19] Fixed a minor bug.
[18] E2 functions added.
[17] Added hook for admin check “WPPAdminCheck->(ActionID,Player,Owner)”
[16] Minor bug fix.
[15] Fixed bug that would break cppi.
[14] First part of admin menu installed.
[13] Menu visual upgrade.
[12] TOTAL 100% RECODE!!

Just gave it a try on a listen server (my dedicated sanbox has players on it, so could not test it)

I noticed 1 problem, that will cause problems on some maps.
I was not able to “use” world items.
So on maps like gm_construct_flatgrass_v6 or gm_trainconstruct2 I could not use the track switching buttons.

Thank you, This bug has been fixed please update your SVN.

Several new fixes and i remade the menu and i posted a screen shot of that menu.

Very nice sir.

Entire project has been recoded and tested.
Should be no bugs now. Post feedback and suggestions.

The picture of the menu makes me want to cry, but this looks good…adding to all of my servers.

For the menu, add some different font colors please…it all merges together in my head.

Ok i have changed the menu slightly to make it more eye friendly.

Awesome. Any pics?

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Also, for the admin settings, can they be displayed in a menu somewhere, so I don’t have to log into remote desktop to change everything?

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GNAHHH does this save your friends + their settings to the client?

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WPP Stands for Wolf Prop Protection, Witch is a powerful new prop protection system.

replace with:

WPP stands for Wolf Prop Protection, which is a powerful new prop protection system.

It currently does not save clients settings.
Also there is an admin menu in development.

Falco’s Prop protection copy.

It’s not a copy. It’s what alot of people have had the idea for, even before falco did he just did it first and goluch has made a better one imo. Plus falco adds shitty things with his addons that just piss people off.

cough FADMIN

I have started on WPPs admin menu. It only has basic features so far but will be worked on some more.

What kind of features in FPP are pissing people off?

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I’ve looked at the code. It doesn’t seem like Goluch has stolen any of my code. Some snippets at most, but no one will complain about that.

I think its just that people dislike it being forced on them in DarkRP.
DarkRP would be alot better if it used CPPI but thats for another thread.

I would appreciate a way to disable FAdmin + FPP, but yeah.

Anyway, this is going on my Sandbox server, will report back soon


Been there for ages.

Yes but by deafult DarkRP’s code is not made to run of CPPI for its entity’s like drug labs and stuff.

Cool derma as usual, Goluch