Wolf statue.

Found wolf statue.


found a noob that never reads

yea, for alot of people when they load up rust today it will be their first time in the version formerly known as experimental.

Psst Placerholder for rad town :zoid:

Pssst not a placeholder. its a replacement.

I find that hard to believe.

The wolf monuments are a test of the landmark spawning system.

Radtowns are nothing more than a type of landmark.

Pssst. You are wrong. Sulli[WOTRS] was right. It’s a placeholder for rad towns.

actually it’s a placeholder for all the landmarks: rad towns, waterfalls, ruins…

The point is it’s a placeholder. I think there are going to be more than 3 landmarks in the finished game, so clearly they aren’t currently placeholders for EVERYTHING.

It’s placeholders all the way down.

Not wrong, just misunderstood.

This is what I meant. Landmarks are replacing rad towns. Even though rad towns can be landmarks.

This is the only thing I’ve seen where radtown is mentioned:

Here they are “radtown style” monuments. I don’t think we should take this and assume they are adding radtowns as they were in Legacy…

that website is such a clusterfuck to navigate
it probably says it somewhere but good luck finding it

There is a card called “Monuments and Landmarks” it is what is intended to replace rad towns.

if it was for me they can implement ALL of those :stuck_out_tongue:
man I would love if the game became more like stalker

This one got added today!

not bad, but looks like you can only climb on the lowest level outer area, but there is no rooms or anything… :S

Aren’t such large dishes usually at higher elevations? This sounds like a job for SUPER Andre!