Wolfenstein 2009 weapons.

The Particle Cannon

come on. look at that sexiness. you know you want it.

The Tesla Gun

it shoots lightning.

come on it doesn’t get better than that.

i’m sure someone could port it from the PC version, we have the hellknights from doom 3 and this is essentially the same engine.


oh yeah, the mp44 they have would be swell too, we don’t really have a decent model for it.

Yeah it does. A gun that shoots shurikens and lightning!

Perhaps if it also had tits and was on fire …

What about that one that works like a BFG?

oh the leichenfaust

i couldn’t find a picture.

How about the fully upgraded MP44?

i get the feeling that only exists as a view model.

>: ( that is such a badass model.