Wolfenstein Geist

[release][tab]Description:[/tab] The Geist collector from Wolfenstein.
[tab]Instructions:[/tab] Extract the main folder to addons.

Some close-ups of this weird bugger:



Cool. I hated these things when they decided to rape you after you killed too many.

:smiley: he he I rember those

Looks like a giant multi-coloured flea to me :stuck_out_tongue:


Adorable :dance:

Rated Heart

Please do more Wolfenstein ports. Superb.

Pretty much what he said. Looks nice, and you should totally do the nazi assassin.

What an ugly motherfucker.

this oh so fucking much thiiiiiiiis

i hope you gonna make more Wolfenstein models

Think you can port the queen?

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do that yet. I know for sure that I can still get the Heavy Trooper, Wehrmacht, and resistance fighters right now.

Dude, that looks like my grandmother.


Awesome model.

The particle cannon trooper would be great. Plus the normal german soldiers and resistance dudes