Wolfenstein II New colossus

Wraith for Wolfenstein II released: http://aviacreations.com/wraith/#

Important notes: if some models/images are not exporting, this means some essential parts of it are in another chunk. Find and load another chunk to export them.

Were these ripped right from the games files?

Wraith Colossus WIP :wink:

TMW didn’t mean to click informative lol

I was just wondering, because there are some things I want from the files that are not just textures and models.

Aluigi got you covered https://zenhax.com/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=5148

Got exactly what I wanted, thanks!

BJ’s mom? I didn’t know you could extract models from cutscenes.

Can someone please extract the topless, bloody Anya from when she protects BJ from the Panzerhund?

BJs mom had an ingame model, topless anya was prerendered only

Okay, then how about the officer who ordered a strawberry milkshake?

Ye he has a model, cutscenes where you can move your move around freely are the ones you can get models from. also we can finally have more BJ models since he has ingame models finally(noticed this when he casted a shadow)

Can’t say that i’m a fan of how he looks in TNC, i preffered his face from TNO more.
But i hope you can get all his outfits, especially the one with moustaches))

Poor dog…

don’t forget this monkey CAT :speechless:

Oh my god I love that cat!

Would be neat to have that exoskeleton thing and hitler.

Well, Milkshake nazi commander has a nice and fashionable coat imo. Though from what I’ve seen, regular troops seem,… somewhat generic compared to TNO? New supersoldier and robotic troopers look cool though.

Hell, there’s still some great models from The New Order that could use some porting/ripping/<insert jargon>.

And The Old Blood could use that too.

When I try to export the textures, the script (I’ve the latest version) says so:

Any idea?

You’ll be able to rip them once wraith comes out.