Wolfenstein: The New Order Models

Does anyone have any idea if anything is actually extractable from that game?

I haven’t seen anything from it, but if anyone has stuff, I’m willing to rig/send it to SFM/gmod ^^

Models are very easy to extract but textures are compressed and encrypted , for now are not extractable


I’m pretty good with texture creation from scratch, are the UV’s intact?

And if you could, think you can send me the models for the Panzerhund, the nazi vehicles( six-wheeled car, robot truck, jeep and tank from asylum, etc) and the compressed textures for them?

I’d like to play around with them, since I have broken into encrypted textures before

Anyone still grinding on this. I would be very appreciative for these assets.

You joined to ask for Wolfenstein models. Good job.

Unfortunately everyone’s been very hush-hush about this topic, almost like they forgot the game exists or something

Yes, and as unfortunate as it is, we cannot do much of anything about it until textures can be extracted.
Even then, we could make hacks of the models(Assault Rifle 1960 is the one that I could hack together easily).

Yes i joined just for wolf models :slight_smile: After playing the game, I’am fiending to port these into Unreal Tournament… Anyways, seems like there are some people trying to crack the texture code at http://forum.xentax.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=11542 And they seem to be on the brink of doing it

Also, how do you extract the models?

Luxox - Would you be able to extract some of the infantry / ubersoldat models in anticipation for the textures being cracked? You’d make an old souls day if you did :slight_smile: or at least outline a process / tools needed for the job. And like RenaFox said, worst case scenario, i would reskin myself.

Did anyone see that I am willing to take a crack at unencrypting them myself? >.>

I have the Ubersoldat 1960/46 textures in .DCT format.

If someone makes this. My dream is true.

Send them my way and I will see what I can do~


Thank you~

I haven’t had any luck with them just yet, I’ve managed to get them open, but nothing recognizable, I’ll keep running through offsets to see what I can do

You are doing the lords work Rena, thank you!

And thank you for supporting~

:UPDATE: Still no news on getting these textures unencrypted, they use some sort of strange compression I’ve never seen before

Luxox is working on it

Luxox isn’t showing progress which bothers me a lot because I love progress.