wolfenstein the new order

someone could extract the characters, weapons and items 3d models and textures from wolfenstein the new order please ? I need it for a cosplay group

The game only just came out a few days ago. Give it a few months before requesting anything from the game.

The game has just been released, extracting stuff from games isn’t that easy nowadays…

Does it not run on the rage engine? If people haven’t been able to port from that yet then I doubt we’ll ever get a port from this.

as far as i know, porting has been done. there’s a thread here on it: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1254155

interesting. There might be hope yet.

it may take a while, but hopefully someone with far more technical knowledge will be able to figure it out. there’s a ton of seriously beautiful models and textures in the New Order

do you have the quickbms script for rage? because you will need that to unpack first.

Their model format isnt far too different from rage’s MDL5 but yes it will take some time and effort

Models work totally fine it seems, textures are the real issue, and since this is an openGL game, they can’t be ripped. You have to wait for a script or tools, but seeing as how there was never any headway made on textures for Rage I wouldn’t hold your breath.

i’m really interest by the models of weapons in lowpoly

How DO the models look like without their textures, anyways?

But there’s an extracted RAGE model on the Workshop, the Mutant Boss. It seems to be fully intact with textures and everything, and even got some bells and whistles added, so someone out there’s been able to successfully rip from it before.

who ever said OpenGL games cant be ripped? Some OpenGL games work with this custom OpenGL dll that injects DX9 and sometimes the rippers work.

Obviously Wolfenstein would be using a newer version of OpenGL, so I would assume that dll wouldn’t work.

Rage toolkit

Maybe Machinegames will launch toolkit, I want textures , all characters have excellent quality.

how could you use these for a cosplay group

Hopefully with New Order being out I’ll finally make progress on getting the models and sounds I want out of RAGE and into 3ds max . I can’t get the Blender script to work at all and have had no luck with any of the .idmsa audio files.

we are High Skilled papercrafter with pepakura designer

Now I don’t have any technical experience whatsoever, but if the format’s similar between the two games, doesn’t that mean it’s theoretically possible (emphasis on theoretic) to bring their format into the Rage toolkit and then extract through there?