wolfenstein TNO robots commission

im lazy and have money. who can port these guys into gmod for me?



i tried doing it myself but after using 4 different tools which didnt work on wolfenstein and no help, i still was unable to even extract TNO’s resource files. anybody interested?

You really that desperate for thoose models? I have played the entire game and i don’t think they exist ingame.

which wolfenstein have you played? theyre both definitly in new order.

theyre definitely in the game. you see both robots in the hangar portion of the london nautica.

i think he is trying to say something about the model files because theyre 110% definitly in game. one is a freakin common enemy!

It’s ironic because a while back I managed to open the Wolfenstein res packs but could not open the models.

Now we can open the models but we cannot open the res.

I am going to try getting these for you, give me a few days.

this bms script seems to have extracted things but I have no idea if it did it properly

that would be pretty rad

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would just like to again point out how a shitload of wolfenstein models are on a roll yet everybody has avoided the kickass robots

the offer is still standing

I told you it will take me days to finally be able to look into it mate.

All the textures I get are in .bimage any idea if there is a way to open those?

Couldn’t find the jew Power suit yet though, wich is a shame. Anyway grabbed what I could so far.


The 1960 London Monitor has some parts that needs to be assembled manually.

holy freaking hell you got the full barrage!

dont forget, winner gets 50 bucks

I will work on the mech then, will do the model and then wait for the textures.

I tried using the bms bimage script from evil within on them but it didn’t work. If I have the time, I’ll try getting the textures with the ‘‘large chunk way’’.

BIMAGE is simple format. Send me some of BIMAGEs.