WolfPakGaming - Oxide - InstaCraft - No Sleepers - NO DECAY - PVP - BRAND NEW SERVER - DoorSharing -

This Server Includes The Following Plugins And Features : Oxide - InstaCraft - No Sleepers - No Decay - New Server - DoorSharing

Not much at the moment but the server just started! More will be added overtime, To connect to the server use this IP :
If you have problems connecting the server may be down for several reasons such as Adding New Plugins, Fixing Bugs On The Server, DDOS Attack (Not Likely, But Possible)

I hope you enjoy the server! Server Owner = Insanity Wolf
Server Owner’s Steam Profile Link = http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198065274788/

If you encounter any problems on the server talk to an Admin! If no Admins are on At the moment try sending the server owner a message on steam.

If I made any mistakes on this Thread please let me know!