Wolverine attacks Bear(Epic knife fight)


My entry into the “Hand-to-Hand Combat” Competition.
Yes, I was inspired by Red Dawn
Note: I do note endorse ALL the lyrics of this song.

I don’t like the camera angle.

Was I the only one expecting Xmen Wolverine fighting the bear model?

I was expecting the same Reno

This is just a citizen soldier fighting someone (And he isn’t even looking at his face) with a balacava.

Is this supposed to be like this?


actualy, i am suprised i didnt see wolvy

of course now ive forgoten of the animal, and codenames for said animal, other than wolverine


I didn’t think I’d have to explain but, apparently, I do. Wolverine= American Guerilla from Red Dawn. Bear= Russian(“guy in balaclava” who has a Russian flag on his uniform,BTW)

sigh*…no comment :frowning:

Not much epic knife fighting going on.

Interesting title but a boring, generic, not epic knife fight.
Great.Insert Captain Ackbars “its a trap” here

The faceposing is hilarious.

I was expecting Man vs. Wild.

But I still love Red Dawn <3

i was expecting wolverine vs a grizzly bear sadly i am dissapointed digi-camo (i think) in a woodland place

Why is the top of his spine on fire?