Wolverine Claws..

I am making Wolverine claws, and I am having problem at the moment with size of claws.
Look at this: and tell me is lenght ok or not? less or more?

Looks pretty good to me, although as far as i know the middle blade is just tiny bit longer than the other blades.

Yes, the middle one is a tiny bit longer;

… they might be a LITTLE long

Yeah, they are a lil long. Middle one should be ONLY slightly longer than the others, hmm, length…Maybe half? Around half i’d say…

Wow that’s cool.
Wolverine’s claws in HL2 hands,good idea,I hope to see it done.

Wow that’s cool.
Wolverine’s claws in HL2 hands,good idea,I hope to see it done.

Dude, those are awesome. Great job with these

Are you actually gonna try and make the claws spring out?

Oh my god, this will be a great SWep. Definitely extend the middle one, and animate them! Somebody should make some player animations as well, and we could have a Wolverine gamemode. Hey, we even have a spiderman SWep, we could make a whole heroes gamemode.

I want that model with appropriate slash animations and a deploy/retract animation. Really want it.

I think we can all agree with that.

I would suggest making them slightly more curved, but not too much, just to give a sense of originality.

Wow awesome! Will this be a swep eventually?

Looks awesome, make it glow for strength attacks, dunno…

For reference, his claws are about the same length as his forearms… Just a bit longer. So from the elbow to a little bit into the hand, is the length.

Of those 4 posts that bumped this thread, not one of them noticed this is 2 months old.


shut up pirate

Emm, yeh guys, I actually stopped making it, because I got trapped with 1 problem by making this.