Wolverine Model Release by Ace00731


Ace00731- Hacking together; Bodygroups; first skin
Srgt. shotup- Helping by rigging the arms
SN- facemap, 2nd and 3rd skin, Torso Bumpmaps


Hey thats false advertising, he has either all 3 out or the middle one out at a time on the models bodygroups >:[

Good job dude.


Why in the hell did you use the terrible citizen torso? If you’re hacking shit together, why couldn’t you hack in something that looks decent?

I love this especially Because he have a flannel shirt :smiley:

It’s almost like if Adrien Brody were Wolverine.

i couldn’t find anything else. so i used that and stretched Vertices to make him look stronger.

I know Imma get flamed for this but the black stripe on his face looks nothing like hair.
Looks like he got smacked twice with a paint brush.

Which ones? Sideburns or soul patche?

Either way i used a re-colored Albert wesker hair texture for them so.

Yeah the sideburns,
not the ‘soul patch’
Little chin fuzz looks fine, but the sideburns…
just wow.

Yea i didnt do that :smiley:

Still using those unused, lame, not-funny emotes?