Wolverine NPC

Something i did as a request (Original Model By Slow)


You would think he would use claws, but no. He uses a gun.

I could have sworn I saw another pack with wolverine in it…it could have been a diff model though…

D’aww. I thought it would be the Wolverine off C&C.

Make it so he can use is optic blasts to fly.

This is a citizen with a Wolverine model, it would seem.

i posted a seperate request for a true wolverine npc… its the marvel nemesis model with attacks from the common infected and hunter from l4d…just something that would make it a true wolverine i think


remember REQUEST

I would also like to see it as something like a fast zombie replacement.

But with a good deal more health, extra damage if possible, and no headcrab, of course.

he could use one of the fast zombies from this http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=60123

or the hunter and common infected from left 4 dead