Wolverine SNPC request

basicly its like this…sorta hard but oh well

someone get a wolverine model like this :

and give it attack animations of the left 4 dead common infected and a 1/10 chance of a pounce(hunter) that last’s for about 4-5 seconds

normal attacks = 10 hp away

pounce= 5 hp per second

also i would like ally and enemy versions

and pain voice clips would be his grunts from marvel nemesis and when he is an enemy of player he says from marvel nemesis " come on…come and get some"

also his “im coming with you” comment when an ally should be “cant a mutant have a nice queit evening with out some damn thing” from ultimate spiderman

Your asking for… A coder/A animator and a modeler…

Its a little over the top but im not sure. Seems like a nice idea.

thanks… i found that there is only 1 wolverine model and its just a remodel for a combine or a rebel, hexed though, from spiderman WoS…this idea would make it a true wolverine

anyone want to do this???

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