wolves and bears causakly walking through walls into a base, ever gonna be fixed?

I was just wondering if its ever going to be fixed so that wolves and bears don’t glitch through walls into a base?

As when spend ages crafting gunpowder and c4 etc and a wolf casually walks through 2 sets of external stone walls into your base and kills while crafting, then eats your body so all is gone, is pretty damn annoying!

It’s an annoying bug that should have been fixed long ago. But that said, it’s easy to counter. Don’t go AFK or log out when on the ground floor of your base.

yea i get that, but when crafting large amounts of stuff that takes a while, you dont expect to nip and grab a drink, for a wolf to walk in and kill you. sometimes a couple mins afk is unavoidable and the whole point of a base is that you have somewhere safe from that, unless is a another player and then yea fair enough as thats the game

normally the only glitch through walls if you are near a rock or your foundation was same with the ground lvl

Can I also make a post saying the game is broken, without adding any actual input into it? Also, maybe don’t craft on the first floor…

I’m sure there is a reason why this isn’t fixed yet :tinfoil:

its actually a problem with unity. and basicly youre sentence describes the problem

Quarries and some rocks dont collide with animals too.

And >YOUR< sentence is the problem.

Sorry, just had to correct you.
Regarding the topic I guess they really should fix their pathfinding and collisions with things, because if they would be forced, they’d merge through an iceberg. Basically their pathfinding (I Imagine) looks like that:

Go there, but there’s a rock on my way, so I’m going to try go around it. Oh I got stuck, well, better to walk in circles. Wait, this is pointless, lets just ignore the rock and walk through it. Okay, I am at my destination, I win.
So currently if they can’t get to you, they will ignore anything on their way.

Considering everything is procedurally generated, it would require making an adaptive AI. Which needs work, obviously.

Wonder when they will start doing something about.