Wolves and Bears!

Hello dear Rust community!

So after playing some Rust for like 100 hours , I believe that the Wildlife is way too “safe”. You’re able to
outrun bears and wolves and they really pose no threat. In order to up the danger of these animals, they
should be able to catch up with the Player, so you actually have to be aware of your environment
and not just run around and not care.

Another cool idea in my opinion would be if wolves would spawn in packs!

2 small improvements imo

wolves are the most irritated creatures in the envvironment, I find them more threatening than a player O_O

You just have to stand in a shelter or your house and wait for the animals to catch up with you. Then you just have to walk to them slowly until you can reach them. You can kill them with your weapons, but they can’t attack you because you are too far away for them + they can’t get closer to your door. They should fix that too. Animals really aren’t dangerous. Even if there isn’t a house next to you, if you play with your friend: one is running in circles, the other is chasing the wolve/bear and killing it. It’s a little bit too easy.

For a while after one of the recent patches they never stopped chasing you. Ever. It was amusing for a while but got irritating pretty quickly!