Wolves and Bears

So obviously wolves and bears are overpowered, can we have something done please???

I shot a wolf with my AK once it bit me then I shot it 4 more times and it bit me again and I died and it ran away. 2 bites to 5 bullets, Wolf wins, I don’t think so…

Also it took 6 shots with a bolt action to take a bear down…really…

Some reality here please…

In my opinion wolves and bears are not overpowering. They should be deadly and hard to kill. why do you want it so easy ?

They are the only source of pve in the game, and bears are a major source of fuel, they should not be easy to kill. Maybe when the Ai gets a bit smarter and works better maybe then debuff them, but for now they’re perfectly fine. It’s pretty easy to simply walk the extra 30 metres around them.

Ummm this game is supposed to to be somewhat based on reality, so yes if your going to fight it hand to hand you will die, but with a gun, bears and wolves die, not the man carrying the gun.

Obviously neither one of you have ever shot anything with a real gun…

lol even if you are naked a wolf does not kill you in 2bites if you are full hp. If a wolf “killed you in 2bites” the problem is not the wolf is to strong, but you have forgot to check your health and heal up.

The wolf and bear are both good balanced in terms of power, the problem is the AI and buggs with them. They can run true walls, true foundations, up and down big rocks like nothing etc, they also can spawn uppon you out of nowhere and hide in bushes so all of the sudden even if you clearly and carefully look where you go a bear is 1m away from you.

It should always be able to avoid running into a bear or wolf if you are aware where you go, but thats not the case today.

Where’s this theory come from? Hahaha

FacePunch have never said anything about a background story, and they certainly have never said this game is “somewhat based on reality”.

In real life can you carry enough wood and stone to construct an enitire building? In real life can you magically upgrade a construction from wood to stone by hitting it with a hammer? In real life can you turn some metal scraps, wood and cloth into a fully functional gun with no tools? Can you block people from building or placing anything outside your house by placing a cabinet inside? Can you heal a shot to the head by wrapping a bandage around your arm? Can you inject yourself with cheap nasty fuel for a quick health/energy boost? can you build a house with nothing but a piece of paper and a makeshift wood mallet? Could you construct a working quarry that digs stone metal and Sulfur out of the ground? Can you find bears in the desert?

Maybe to begin with the game was somewhat based on reality, but as we get further in the development it has become pretty damn clear that the developers aren’t going for a realistic approach whatsoever.

Your theory that the game is based on reality is just plain stupid.

I like that they’re difficult.

Granted a wolf wouldn’t be able to defend itself from a 5.56 in it’s face, whereas a bear would be able to survive more than a few rounds and still have the energy to maul you. I think the bears are well balanced, though the super wolves need a nerf. At the very least have them make a noise to alert you that your about to get rekt.

Maybe you should re-read what he did write.

it’s pretty easy to kill bear with a bow, being naked. what are you talking about… l2p

The issue is not the damage either player or entity deals or recieves. The problem with bears and wolves is the collision, pathing and AI behaviour in general. The thing is, the AI in this game requires a major overhaul and now just isn’t the time. It’s a big deal to redo it and it should be saved for a large stretch of time when the devs can focus on it properly and do it right. Right now they’re working on the XP system and that’ll probably have a long and rough polish phase. They should finish that first and then decide if overhauling AI is more or less important than working towards making Rust feature complete. Personally I think it is, but only because the AI is so bad. It’s just a QOL thing but it’d go a long way for me and the sooner it’s done the more time it will have to gestate and become polished. That said they gotta do what they feel they gotta do and I support them in that too.

I agree that IRL a bolt would kill most animals outright but this is rust and I like the fact that the animals are hard to kill

I would like more kinds of dangerous animals in the world it would be a better challenge with more emersion

I dout the devs will sort this out till near the completed game

Yes please nerf this game into oblivion.
Please let us start full geared and respawn where-ever we want.
Also remove all threats and PLEASE add 360 noscopes.

I think the animals have the perfect stats atm.

Lets give them proper movement and some additional Sounds to notice them a bit easier and everything fine.

As a new player on a server they are crippling. I keep having them pop out of boulders/trees/bushes with no warning and 2 shot me as I am running away trying to use medkits.

I don’t have the weapons to take them out, but even if I did, long before I could turn aim and shoot even one bullet into them they have already killed me.

Add to that the fact that they cannot be outran and it gets a bit ridiculous. (I sware it seems like even if I have a good lead on them I get caught).

I am not looking for some huge nerf, but anything that would give me even the tiniest chance to escape or fight them would be welcomed.

Just replace The helicopter skin with the bear skin. Have fun

Be. Aware. Of. Your. Surroundings. Don’t you think you’re over exaggerating a bit? I play roughly 40-50 hours a week on average and I’ve probably only been killed once or twice since they received a buff 2-3 months ago. If you’re constantly looking around while running and are cautious while running around corners and near mountains, rock cliffs etc. then it’s pretty fucking hard to be killed by a bear or a wolf.

For a wolf you can simply kill it by shooting two arrows at them. Wolves are weak and easy as all hell to kill.

As for bears, carry a building plan on you at all times. Getting chased by a bear? pull out your building plan and quickly throw down a foundation, jump on top of the foundation and it can’t kill you. Profit.

… :dogwow:

First, I’ve shot a real gun at both static and moving targets.

Second, in what reality can you learn to build a bolt rifle by collecting 1200 fragments of other blue prints? Where supplies, including burnt wolf meat, are randomly dropped once a day? Where ruins of prior civilization continue to spawn fresh loot in crates and barrels that reform after being destroyed? Etc. Etc. Etc.

The animals are currently fine for a game in alpha.