wolves are chasing you forever?

is there any way to change this? it is very annoying having to run half of the rust map to shake them off

is it done intentionally?

Run towards a rock that you have to jump to reach, jump down off the other side. Wolves will have to go around rock, accrue too much distance between chase target and wolf entity, AI will switch back to passive mode.

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I do that (jump on foundations and woodpiles also) but what if there are no rocks around?

Unfortunately your best bet is to either find things to increase the distance between you and the wolf/wolves, or run for a long time. Animal AI was supposedly improved to cause wolves and bears to give up the chase after a certain time/distance, but there are probably some variables that are causing that to not work, at least for wolves. Bears are no problem since they’re fat and slow, but every time I hear a wolf bark the longest groan of disappointment escapes my lungs and I wanna throw my keyboard through my TV.

Wish I had better advice/info. Best of luck to you, watch out for the woofwoofs.

yesterday a wolf followed me from radfield to ballzack mountain.

best AI ever


lmao sorry, i’m tired

I forgive you. <3

Only way i have found to shake them is to go through a doorway. carry a spare wood shack and drop it on the fly. When a bear or wold follows they whille whine and bug out and freeze often giving you enough time for one melee smash then run back inside, rinse and repeat

Wolves are really broken atm, need a major overhaul. as a rock kinda guy i find it extreme not to be able to kill a wolf without having to glitch it with rocks/foundations/shelters, etc.

considering they follow you untill you die.

Agreed, I think it sucks that 3 red wolf bites spell death for a dude w/ clothes, bite range is a little too far, running speed is (obviously) screwy, and if you run by a boar or a deer why doesn’t the wolf/bear go after that free meat instead?

I’m sure these things’ll be fixed over time as the game develops. Can’t wait to be able to smash that puppy with my rock like nature intended.

disclaimer i love dogs and would never smash one with a rock while running bare naked and letting the tall grass smack my balls repeatedly.

dw just click f1 and write grass.on off right? I’m certain these rules apply to real life situations.

I’m seriously sick of these fucking animals. Can not wait long enough for their replacements, shit give us anything, rabbits that do damage, but please cut down on the wolf and bear population, they are very annoying. Trying to pvp when a bear comes and chomps on my ass and I die losing full kevlar is always fun.

Does it really matter whether its a red bear/wolf or some other NPC enemy? NPCs are SUPPOSED to get in your way.

Rarely rocks work for me, but most of the time they are happy to scale a vertical rock face that is impassable for me that I was only able to get to by jumping from a higher location. I’m not sure why, but some people are able to jump on something as low as a resource node or tire stack and get left alone, this never works for me. The only way I am able to get them to stop chasing me is to jump onto a foundation, and even then most of the time they stand there at the edge of the foundation or just outside my base or whatever and wait until I come out and start chasing me again. I should record some video and set it to yakety sax.

Is it true wolves cannot get on foundations? Seems like this to me so far.