Wolves bark soundfile has a defect

Specifically theres a guy talking in the background.

I ran from enough wolves yesterday to remake some disney movie. And once, a dark dark evening, I thought I heard players chasing me when the wolf was barking. Figured I was being hunted by players and paniced.
Anywho, its not players… Its the soundfile of the wolf bark that has some guy in the background saying something.

Maybe not the biggest and highest prio thing to fix in the game, but extremely annoying once you know about it :).

some people’s characters in the game develop schizophrenia, its not uncommon during the zombie Apocalypse. many people on my team have it, and think the wolves are talking to them.

OMG! I heard people talking in the bark as well!
My teammates think i suffer from schizophrenia :frowning:

Go chase down a wolf, turn up your volume and run.

I have now destroyed your entire gameplay experience.

Youre welcome.

Also the bear barks like a dog.

Thank goodness that someone else has noticed this. When I first started playing, it freaked the crap out of me. None of the people I play with ever noticed and think I was full of crap.

Haha… This is true! I believe it might be an easter egg! You can most definitely hear a “human like” voice in the bark making some funny sound.

Hes actually saying something, I was trying to make out what it was yesterday but wolves are nutoriously retarded so this wasnt easy.

So it isn’t just me?