Woman Fighting Off A Terminator


haha I said this before but, I always love your gritty and intense terminator poses.

Am I retarded, or does the Terminator not have a head?

Also, nice work.

Shes shooting at it. Kinda hard to tell but she does have a gun.


Where did you get a Hunter-Killer model?

Pretty nice but go easy on the effects, especially on having effects in the background behind effects in the foreground - it’s quite hard to see what’s going on.

That’s what i do tho, I make everything over the top sometimes retardly over the top. All i aim for is for it to look either “nice, Good” I like things over the top :).

Whoa, I like the background and the posing but the muzzleflash is kinda funky.
Nice one.

So just out of curiosity, how long out side of gmod(by that i mean adding effexts in photoshop) did this take you?
Other wise, freaking amazing job(i be happy if my current project turns out to be half this good!)!

so by “fighting off” you mean “getting brutally raped by”

Damn, feels like a real, gritty, nasty warzone. Good work!

Fighting off a terminator?
Seems like they started an apocalypse or something. :smug:
Nice work!

Love your Termy poses, man.


Thanks y’all

That’s amazing, good work.

The background is damn amazing.

You like making hair, don’t you?

Nice job.

Indeed i do.

Took about hour in all posing plus editing.


I don’t think she is going to be winning this fight.
I like the background.