Woman having trouble in a police lineup.

Don’t you just love the cheap points:)











The second one from right looks like he has an orgasm.

Perhaps he has one. Who knows what police lineups do to people:)

Posing is pretty damn bad, but the joke is funny.

If you are thinking of the lineup, It didn’t matter how I posed them. It looked odd through that window, so I went for a straight up and down pose.

I don’t find the joke funny, for some reason :confused:
I guess, my humor disappeared a long time ago in the rush of all the trolls…

The posing isn’t good, by the way.

All of the posing is bad:
The policeman’s hips and shoulders are twisted really weirdly. All of the characters have their arses sticking out far too much. The guy on the right has his shoulders twisted badly too and the hand positioning on all of the lineup characters is quite odd, especially on the Flash.

Lol I got and I was like :smug:
Rated Funny

You get a funny. The posing stinks, but that’s funny.

Zing :v:

haha awesome

Funny, but the posing is shit.

The posing is terrible and those models suck.

Eh, try some different models and do some practice poses, but don’t post those.

I will. Since people seem to like the idea, perhaps it deserves better posing. Flash have to be there though.

Thanks for all honest feedback guys.