Woman in game

Can you add woman in game and the ability to have sex with them?

sorry, this isn’t a sex simulator.

but its life simulator, sex is part of it!

I’d be fine with a female model, but that’s as far as it should go.

They should be added, but i really hope the sex thing is a joke.

what is bad with that? sex is good thing, isn’t it good to add good things in a game?

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its life simulator… our ancestors had sex - what is bad with that?!

i like the idea of women in game

my kitchen is big, if u know what i mean :zoid:

Cool, 100% man playing a male character having virutal sex with 99% man playing a female character.



yes, this is planned eventually.

either find yourself a significant other (though i’d be worried for whoever you find) or go to your favorite porn site. rust isn’t going to be a sex game.