Woman prepares to fight some Terminators


Annd the original:


And ALOT! of thanks to Heathendevil for giving me great ideas for editing on this!


She’s fucked.

Darn sexy picture you got there!

nod, again

I didn’t really do anything

but it still looks great!

Looking good.

Look good, but I can barely see the women at first.

  • Computer, what’s the status
  • When they attack, you are so fucked up.
  • Jeez, thanks

( TLW :slight_smile: )

Those Tee-Sixhundreds are gonna kick her ass.

Epic. Where are the models (Damn don’t tell me it’s private)

T-600 is not, but the Resistance bitch is. As well as all the other shit ported from Salvation.

Fucking selfish to keep good models like these as private.


Damn fine job you’ve done there.

Only thing I can spot about it is the posing on the woman is a bit stiff.

Other than that it’s pretty awesome

Love it!
Do you have the link for those terminator salvation models?

Imagine if somebody ported Arnold.

Well, Speaking like that wont make them come out any faster lol.

Thanks for the comments!

Magnificent editing! Great posing, great angle, great lighting there’s not one thing I can say that is wrong with this pic! Good Job! :bravo:

I really do love that Blair model, and can not wait until you release it (if you will) to the public.

Until then, you’re epic Terminator themed pics will tide me over just fine, sexy editing.

Who has said they’ll come out at all? I was just stating the truth.

Port Arnold? From what Termie game?

By the way, there’s an unhexed Arnold skin for one of the male citizen models floating around in garrysmod.org.

This is an awesome [blank]. I really like blank like this. I mean, the [blank] itself is awesome but the editing just made it perfect. Good job man.

[sp]secret word is picture[/sp]

Sarah Connor?
Anyway nice edit!


Sarah Connor?
Anyway nice edit!