Woman returns home from the gym to meet an unexpected guest

Starring Karimatrix, cause I think he looks like a satanic child molesting psychopath wh would do something like sneak into a young woman’s home, rape them, then kill them.

Out of all Left 4 Dead models I think Zoey’s is my favorite, then Francis, then Bill and Louis are tied.

Personally, I love how I got the gym bag under her collar and around her body without any clipping.



-Zoey is an active person.
-Kari is psychotic.
-If this kind of thing turns you on, see a doctor.
-Kari’s skin doesn’t finger pose well.
-That’s a machete in Kari’s hand.
-Originally I was going to make Kari raping her on the bed at demon-blade-point (whatever weapon Kari uses) until I began questioning my sanity and morality.
-Baba Yetu is a good song
-Zoey is a fine capable young woman with no need for cops.
-Papa Smurf says I talk too much.
-I need something to do outside my house today.
-Why can I not entertain myself this morning?
-I should do my homework.
-Kari is now playing as Zoey in Left 4 Dead at the moement. [sp]I dunno, 'cause my damned game crashed and the sever was full[/sp]
-I am excited for Left 4 Dead 2, and more importantly; Nick.
-Why do guys say stupid things around girls they like?
-I mean serieously?
-Eh, enjoy the picture.

Good stuff man.
I always love your notes :smug: Have an Artistic.

You really like Karimatrix, don’t you :3:.


Rated Optimistic.

Dtmech also stole my spot :<

that I called first

Maybe cause his personal Skin has rape face?


No collide would have fixed that machete hand issue.

I could’ve also edited the space out.

But whateva.


Did you forget you posted in this thread already? Just seems like two odd posts.

I forgot to quote the-dutch-guy

I see.



Meaning comments.

Kari, Kari… Cammy’s gonna be upset.

He isn’t really gripping the machete.


Give me clocks.

Awesome man, the posing and atmosphere is perfect.

Sounds sorta GHEY

No no, please proceed.

Sanity is a weak wall which restrains your imagination. As for morality? Fuck, they are video game characters.

Who’s ready to go find the red spah?
Right behind you.
Nice :smiley: you’ve earned an artistic!


Good work.

though we need a casual zoey skin

She doesn’t need to look beaten up in a non-zombie scenario

She gets into a lot of situations that involve beatings, and she takes kick boxing classes, and she thinks pain is pleasure…

hmyeah, makes sense then.

quite the storyteller you are