Woman vaults over a wall and accidentally kicks a fellow citizen.



Nice job.

Thank you :smiley:

The faceposing on the woman seems off to me. She looks a little too happy that she kicked another citizen accidentally. It’s a great pose, though.

Well, vaulting is quick - she doesn’t know she kicked him just yet :wink:

What a bitch.

Of course she did know. And she is happy about it. The wall jumping bitch.

… well, that works to!

Nice to see some hot girl-on-wall action. :smug:

The man’s eyes look like they’re full of anger.

If I may. The honest version. Scantily clad to so she can tempt men before kicking them of the wall. That bitch.


god damnit.

Fuck, we need to call the cops.

I mean the combine.



And so on:devil:

Damn it Rastifan!

And suddenly Rastifan took over the thread.

God damn you, Rastifan!
GOD DAAMN YOUUUUUU :arghfist::saddowns:

I am sorry, but I couldn’t resist. Thought the idea hilarious.
She can come from anywhere. No pose is safe.