This is kind of a general request to garry or whoever else has dev control.

I am a woman and I am very used to having no option to play as my gender in video games. I know you have a lot on your plate, but I bet a good percentage of the players who play are also women. It’s a good feeling being able to have a character who looks like you and who you can more easily project your personality onto. Also there is already male nudity in this game, why not female nudity as well? I bet the straight male population of the game wouldn’t mind this.

If anyone has any opinions, or would like to voice their agreement, please dont hesitate to do so.

Thank you for reading.

This has been discussed countless times. No, you won’t have the ability to choose your gender anymore than you’re currently choosing your skin color, height or penis size.
As for female nudity, it’s up to the devs. But seeing how they worked for the past months, you can expect that it will be possible.

They plan to have female characters, but they will also be random.

They are working on it but dont expect that you will get a choice about your gender and look.

devblog 79

so long story short; yes to female models, and to equal nudity for male and female player models. no to choosing anything about your character model; the devs have it set up to be randomised based on your steam id, and do not appear to have any plans to change it so we can select our traits.

personally i welcome it, regardless of whether i end up playing as a big black momma or a tiny asian guy.

i love it that you cant change who you are… just like in real life.
garry and the devs are going for new ways - much respect for that.

Yeah, where have you been for the last 6 months, female character models were about all we talked about until the helicopter showed up! :tired:

Back 2 the female topic I thought this had been forgotten about or just plain abandoned as we haven’t heard much sinse the heli-fuckter made its entry.
Yes myrothas facepunch changing shit up gotta love a change.

Maybe they realized that maybe it’s not a good idea to implement a female model if there’s a good chance most women out there will be still playing as males.

I know they want it to be random, but seriously.

I guess this is to even out the percentile of men and women.

Like we were only allowed to pick, then people would capture women, then keep them in their houses.

Then they’d be made fun of for being like the only girls to play Rust, and this would drive a majority of the female base away.

Huh…so that’s why they do it…(insert self realization)

Abandoned? Not a good idea to implement females? You guys sound like you don’t check the devblog.

They are still working on the model as we saw in devblog 79 around 3 weeks ago. A couple weeks without nude chicks on the blog doesn’t mean it’'s abandoned.

My pens has a short… attention span