Wonder Waffle Poster

Screw the Cre. Corner. This place has more veiwers, and I can still post here because it is a Screenshot.



lol awesome.
The treyarch logo looks shitty though

Why the Treyarch logo?

Lol i remember when map pack 2 came out on live, i went straight to the zombie swamp (forget the Japanese name) and used the box and go figure I got the Wonder Waff DG-2.

Great job on the editing bro keep up the awesome work.

Because I thought about sending it to them for the lulz.

This is FANTASTIC! lol look at the right edge

Why Waffle? Should be Wunderwaffe

Lol, shamwow refernce

Tank Dempsey calls it the Wonder Waffle. The funny thing is I called it that before I even heard him say it. :v:

Is that someone from Shi No Numa? I’ve never played more than 2 player on that.

Tank Dempsey is the first player <_<. I am always Dempsey because I always host. :v:


Other than that, nice job.

I always end up being Nikolai :hurr:

But as I already said. It’s awesome. I would like to buy…all you got. Go shipment!

’'It is commonly called “The Wonder Waffle”, “The Waffle”, “The Wonderful Waffle”, “The Waffle Maker”,“The Waffle Shooter” or even “Frankenstein Gun” or “The Waffenator” by players. This is probably influenced by Dempsey, because sometimes he says “What the hell is a Wunderwaffle?”. ‘’
-CoD Wiki

Also I’d like to order one Wunderwaffe.

Looks good.

But why would you mail the coupon just to say you don’t want it?

I think he was inspirated by the Force a Nature poster.


why do I read the whole text in vince offers voice?

Haha. ShawWaffle you’ll being saying Waffle everytime. Or WonderWow? WaffleWow? ShamWonder?

lol great stuff