Wonder Woman: Please port her.

Hey, I noticed that the only model that wasen’t ported from MKVSDC that truly should have been ported was Wonder Woman, so could someone please port Wonder Woman.

Its a private model but you can PM TheManest about it, he already released a ton of S-low’s private stuff

Thanks, I’ll do that. That explains where you got Altiar from, TheManest gave it to you.

No, he didn’ have Altiar. Its on .org

You wouldn’t want that model her skin is a vomit skin tone and her shoulders and arms are stretched out to fit the Counter strike player model. One of the stupid ass models s-low ever ported.

Aw man, I was looking forward for some nude models.

Well, can’t he fix it, come on, he can redo it.

Sees thread title
dramatic music
lemmie borrow this gun… :suicide: