Wonderful World of Rust | No Dura | PvP | Airdrops | NO LAG

To join press F1 in-game and type:
net.connect survival.wwofr.com:28035



Steam group


Server stats

TeamSpeak voice server

Wipe date: 10/1

Server features

  • Airdrops when 25+ players are connected every other in-game day at 12:00
  • No durability
  • Sleepers
  • 1/2 craft
  • Door sharing
  • Starter kit
  • Remover tool, does not refund materials or allow you to remove pillars/foundations that support other base structures (no floating bases)
  • Remover tool sharing, share the ability to use the remover tool on your bases with a designated user
  • Player stat check, check yourself or another players kills/deaths/kdr
  • Groups/Factions, player created Factions which prevent friendly fire from team members and alert you when you try to harm them
  • Group/Faction chat channels
  • Private messaging
  • In-game clock
  • Position tool, tells you your player coordinates so you can reference a map (rustnuts.com, rustmap.net)
  • Compass
  • Chat history
  • Every night is full moon (maximum brightness)
  • Lights Out, this feature allows you to use (/lights on/off) to toggle your base lighting (Camp Fires, Furnaces). You still need Wood in them if you want to cook something, but this feature will light the object up without Wood. It controls a maximum of 20 lights per person and 30 lights per house within a 50 meter radius.
  • Kill alerts, the victims name is displayed on the top center of your screen when you kill someone
  • Door holding alerts, When a door is being held it gives the person trying to open it a message saying it’s being held
  • Anti-foundation on objectd
  • Anti-ramp on objects
  • Anti-pillar on top of small stashes
  • Anti-autowood, prevents hackers from automatically gathering wood from trees around them
  • Anti-learnall, prevents hackers from being able to craft items without having researched them
  • Anti-range, prevents hackers (or normal players that accidently hit phantom bodies) from hitting other players when out of range
  • Anti-jumphack, prevents hackers from moving upward (jumping) faster than they should be
  • Anti-speedhack, prevents hackers from moving horizontally (crouching/walking/sprinting) faster than they should be
  • Family share account kicker
  • IP tracking, we can tell if someone logs into an alternate account to run cheats
  • All container access is logged, we can tell who opened any object and specifically which items were added/removed
  • All kills/deaths are logged but not announced (position, range, distance, weapon used) for killer/victim so we can tell if someone shot through a wall/rock/etc. This also includes a kdr/kills/deaths leaderboard for administrators
  • Sleeping bags and beds are logged, this helps us track players glitching into objects
  • Sleeper logging
  • Supply drop logging, we log supply drops just like we are for all other containers. This is to help us catch players using ESP to find them or looting from a distance
  • DDoS protection
  • Off-site backups, all server files are backed up to an external server regularly


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  • UpsetStarship

Wow, these players are so nice. They support you! The admin doesn’t even play! All this guy does is help the players enjoy their expierence! I have not found a more friendly, fun, competitive sever yet!

Added a Ventrilo voice server for everyone to use

  • Edited out / info added to main topic details

This server is growing fast, it has great admins and a balance between skilled and beginning players. My Favorite server by far.

The server has been added to a 3,894 member gaming community as their official Rust server!

There is now a 150 slot Ventrilo available for all players on the server (private channels will be created for teams that request one)

Slaughterhouse created an announcement to their 1,589 member steam group advertising the server here

Rust Essentials is going to be added to the server once they fix a couple bugs and once that is done they are going to be adding this server to their forum post in BOLD here

All of these things will bring a large amount of new players. I hope to see the Goon community more and more on this server. Maybe we could create a Goon city somewhere?

Want to join the server?
Press F1 to open console and type in:
net.connect rust.bhslaughter.com:28035

With the help of the Essentials creator, MistaD, I was able to add a development build of Essentials to the server which included a couple bug fixes necessary for the server to run smoothly. I am very happy to have Essentials working and hope to continue making this server the best Rust environment for everyone.

Available player commands:
/help (Returns available commands)
/share player name (Shares ownership of your doors with the designated user)
/unshare {all} (Revokes ownership of your doors from everyone)
/unshare player name(Revokes ownership of your doors from the designated user)
/rules (Lists the server admins, forums URL, Ventrilo information, and rules)
/vote (Displays the toprustservers.com voteLink from the config)
/voted (Redeems the reward for voting) ** Reward is 50 Wood Planks, can be redeemed daily
/fps (Amplifies your FPS by altering your graphic settings)
/quality (Amplifies your graphical quality by altering your graphic settings)
/ping (Displays your current ping to the server)
/online (Returns the amount of players currently connected)
/pos (Returns the player’s position) ** Enter these coordinates in http://www.rustnuts.com/ to see your current location on the map!

** Server moved to new IP because of datacenter switch failure. There is about a 15 hour rollback because we are still unable to connect to the old datacenter. I booted this one up on a better server with 120-440 gbps DDoS protection instead of 10, and better hardware specs. CNAME has been updated and port remained the same, but Rust favorites stores by IP so you will need to use the following command to connect to the new one.

Press F1 in console and type:
net.connect rust.bhslaughter.com:28035

This has been my favorite Rust server for over a month. Admins are fantastic (they are always moderating chat and cheaters are banned quickly), the community has a great balance of bandits/friendlies, and players themselves have a lot of character on here.

Great server, join you will not be disappointed.

We will be doing an event tonight! Visit http://www.bhslaughter.com/forum/index.php?/topic/17673-arena-event-tonight/ for details!

Winners last night: Doug Drafto, Shameless, Bacon!

We will be doing another / different event tonight in a new area. Will post details later

We are going to host the event once it is perfected, it looks like we might need to wait until tomorrow

Server wiped today 4/24 at the request of the community. Welcome to a new Rust year :slight_smile:

Also, server renamed to:
[Wiped 4/24] Wonderful World of Rust | No Dura | PvP | Airdrops

40 players online right now, the wipe brought a ton of new people. Hope everyone is enjoying the new server :slight_smile:

We will be setting up another event for probably Monday or Tuesday

Update: We have a dev working on coding for the arena, so we’re going to wait until the arena coding is done before starting arena events (its much easier to manage and is actually more fun for everyone since admins dont have to manually manage the entire thing)

There has been some great PvP action between the groups that have formed. If you have a team or are going solo bandit - come start up :slight_smile:

Great server and very cool admins! Lots of friendly people and a great community. Lots of people on the ventrilo having fun.

New commands: /kits and /kit added! There will only be 1 kit (starter) and it includes:

1 Stone Hatchet, 5 Cooked Chicken Breast, 38 Cloth, 75 Wood, 10 Stones

This is enough to make Cloth Vest/Pants, a Sleeping Bag, and a Hunting Bow with 10 Arrows

The cooldown is the max I can currently make it (24 hours) and will be changed to 1 time use once that is an option.

/pos Command temporarily disabled due to a bug I found. Should be fixed tonight/tomorrow.