wondering if finding a player webpage would work??

i know it sounds kinda weird. but is it possible to checks if a player is looking at a webpage with lua.
if so how??

What do you mean? Like in their browser in windows?

no not in windows. to check if there looking at a webpage in-game like on your server so i can run a couple of functions when there looking at it

if your talking about your forum/Web page and possibly the steam Web browser then you can do it with php, but you’re not being really clear.

like an motd except if they look at a curtain webpage they see a derma frame pop up.

An example would be

Players looking at google.com - nothing happens

Players looking at facepunch.com - make a derma pop up on there screen

Is there a reason you want to do this? If you tell us why, exactly, we could help more.

I could be wrong but:
pHTML = vgui.Create(“HTML”,Frame)
function pHTML:FinishedURL(url)
if string.find(url,“http://facepunch.com/”) then

I want something like that but it did not 't work

Use “DHTML” as the panel name instead.

It still did not work .


You’re going to have to make your own browser then with a text input and you can check the url from there.

I see but pasting the same url on line 5 in the fist code you sent should have ran
[lua] Msg(“working”) [/lua]
but it did not

By browser I mean panel.

FinishedURL doesn’t work anymore IIRC.