wondering something

I have been banned a month or so ago, and I was wondering if I payed the 20$ for the game again if Garry would unbann me. I know it’s a longshot, but I learned my lesson and just want to play the game again. I know that I can make another account and buy it, but i kind of want to keep this account, I don’t mind paying for the game again, but it would be much simpler to just pay for it on the same profile I already have. For all of you wondering, I did cheat, ONCE, with cheat engine to get back at some hackers that were terrorizing the server I was on. I will NOT ever use this again. I do not like cheating, and I hate that I had to resort to that way of playing just to get fair at some hackers. If this option is not available, I understand, and thank you for reading. Sorry I cheated, but you all know how it feels to be hacked, I just gave the hackers a taste of their own medicine. A nice answer not being judgmental would be very much appreciated. I love this game and am very happy I could be a part of it and be allowed to support the developers of the game! I am deeply ashamed that I have cheated, but I did do the server a great deed, and I am happy I made the place better for the rest of the players. :slight_smile:

The only way you’ll be able to play again is to purchase the game on a fresh account.

Yes, technically. Make a new account, and buy the game again and you get a fresh start, essentially. Don’t cheat this time.

Ah ok thanks. Was hoping that I could just by the game again on my account, but whatever.