Wondering the average waiting time for email containing key

I purchased a key a few hours ago and received the email stating “You will receive an order email detailing how to access your purchase shortly.” Just wondering how long it usually takes for this follow up email. I’m about to submit a ticket, but checking first if it’s common to take this long.

my email didn’t take long at all? But Garry said something about paypal being slow at his blog. But yeah I ordered the money went off paypal and the email was almost instantly there with my key.

Mine took an hour and a half

Ok thanks, I’ll keep waiting for a little while then before submitting a ticket

got the key in less than 2 minutes, checked your spam filters and such ?

Mine was instantaneous. For all 4 I bought, though I bought them pretty much right when the auctions started, so maybe there was less lag back then?

Got mine in under 5 minutes. Check Spam folder.

Yeah I’ve checked the spam folder, nothing there. I got the order receipt from Facepunch Studios immediately after purchase stating “You will receive an order email detailing how to access your purchase shortly.” It’s been 5 hours now, and I’ve already submitted a ticket so hopefully I hear something soon.

Mine was nearly instantaneous. Anyways, make sure you check the email of your paypal account, not your forum account.

Yeah it’s the correct email. I’ve received both the Paypal receipt and Facepunch receipt. Looks like I’ll just have to wait til I hear back from them. Thanks for the replies though everyone

My key was almost instantly

Everybody’s delivery time depends on the amount of traffic on PayPal’s and Garry’s end. You key can take anywhere from instantly to 6 hours. Any longer you must contact customer service.


Mine took like 10-15 minutes.

Mine took like 30 seconds.