Wondering why you stopped playing Rust

Right now there’s approx 400 players spread across 246 servers.

They sold a ton of keys; what happened to all the players?

For me personally, once so many servers started popping up, and it became more and more difficult to find a sustained, populated server; it lost it’s appeal once the surviving part of the game became easy.

What’s your reason?

What made me play less is the private servers. My team never stays on the same server for more than a day, and it gets boring as hell. It was fun actually getting set up on a server and playing often to keep my base safe, but now that there it doesn’t matter, I typically just go to another server, get a kit from one of my friends, and play on that server. If I die? Repeat the process. Private servers have basically killed the game.


Any ideas on how that could be fixed?

The only efficient and clean cut way is to get rid of private servers. Anything else would just be nursing the problem. (problem is they would never do that because they would be screwing over so many people)

screwing them over because of the money they already paid?


I think people who bought servers already feel screwed over to be honest; when private servers went on sale, we were told “a limited number” will be sold – so everyone rushed to buy them… but in reality, there was no limited number. Now we’re sitting at 250 servers and not even close to the players needed to fill them.

Need to separate servers by new tabs “Official” & “Private”

No, what you do is contact all the hosters and tell them your dropping private servers. Everyone can keep their server to the end of their billing cycle, but it WILL be terminated at the end of it with no renewal option. That way, you can remove private servers without screwing anyone over on money. Most servers do a monthly cycle, so you can get them all out of the picture by a month and a half.

Please stop doing private servers in that case

I’d hope people wouldn’t have bought more than monthly recurring judging on the state of the game - alpha. That seems to be the best way to do it. It’s needed badly. Private servers don’t just ruin the game because of the population. They ruin it because they take the fun and experience out of the game.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the payment cycles. I own a Rust server myself and it goes on a monthly cycle (Which is the only option). I would not mind having to give it up for the sake of more players since it hasn’t been successful at all. It’s basically throwing money into a pit.

Such a shame; the game was so amazing before.

Some servers are unable to join when i choose them,too many servers to choose from (probably not a big issue).

Other games have came out and i tend to play them quite often more than rust.

Grew tired of it. Friends stopped playing.
Just isn’t the same anymore.

Yep, it was a lot better.


how so?

there should be a system like battlefield uses where there are “ranked” servers that are guaranteed to have a consistent experience across them (no mods or cvars, maybe require them to be dedicated). crafting research can be synced across them so it encourages players to play on those. the requirements and registering with facepunch would make them more expensive than private servers, meaning there wouldn’t be quite as many. then the cheap private servers could serve just as they should, as a playground for the 12 year olds and their friends to play admin or to host modded games.

would be nice to change servers and have metals doors and everything right off the bat.