Won't compile .bsp...

Okay, this is fucking frustrating me. I make a simple map (first one cuz I’m a newb) and when I compile it, it says that it cannot find .bsp.
What the fuck.
Isn’t it supposed to be compiling a god damn .bsp? All I get is a fucking .vmf and ofc Gmod can’t run .vmf’s. I’ll include the process window so it’ll provide more info.

** Executing…
** Command: Copy File
** Parameters: “C:\Users\Mac\Desktop\first map.bsp” “\first map.bsp”

The command failed. Windows reported the error:
“The system cannot find the file specified.”

What the hell am I doing wrong?

remove the space in the name or it will not compile.

Did it, still got the same message.

What game config are you using?

Uh. How do I find that out?

When you are in source sdk, you chose the engine and the game. Which one do you have.

Its bellow the links category.

And the follow on question will be- have you run the game that you are using at least once?

Engine Version: Orange Box
Current Game: Garry’s Mod

Are you using a custom game config for garry’s mod?

If so, switch to ep2, and try to recompile.

There are always so many people asking this question.

  • Check your compile log to see if there was any major errors.
  • Make sure you haven’t renamed/moved the .bsp to another folder, if you have, delete that .bsp and copy the level into a new .vmf and then try compiling.

The most common cause of this message is that during the compile stage it’s trying to update the .bsp, but you moved or renamed it, so it can’t find it anymore.

Oh now I know what I did wrong, when I set the build programs for the BSP, VIS, and RAD files, Hammer didn’t save the config for some reason. :confused:
At least I knew it was something that I was doing wrong. xD.