Won't get un-banned?

This ban has been lifted! Please close this thread!

Go back in time, :ms:

And then DON’T upload shit that you never made.

Why do people always feel the need to re-upload things? It’s annoying to find 800 of the same thing and not know which is the original. This is one of the main reasons why I hate youtube.


I’m sure he’ll unban you soon. Let this be a lesson.

Did Garry ban the person re-uploading CSS Weapons?

I know, real hard concept right?

How the FUCK didn’t you understand that? If you didn’t make it, don’t fucking upload it

Hey, aren’t you the one who reuploaded Mr. Grundley?

You will be unbanned yesterday.

How didn’t you understand what “Don’t upload stuff you didn’t make” meant? It couldn’t be any more clear or blunt than that.

I’ve learned my lesson.


Plus, I WAS gonna remove it. As soon as I saw I was banned, I was gonna remove it. But I have no fucking access to that website.


Yes. I apologize. D:

Only options: plead to garry, or live with your ban. Looks like either a permanban or an error in the ban system, or hopefully both.

I don’t want you to have access to ToyBox if all you do is re-upload other peoples scripts and take credit for them.

I’m glad it’s glitched and isn’t un-banning you.

I guess garry will fix it somewhen, although I would really like to see uploaded scripts being compared against already existing…

Do you even read your own posts?

I am glad that you are still banned, mostly because of what you said and what you did.

And now you edited the post to remove the reason that you were banned. Why? Everyone already knows you re-uploaded someone elses creation from the other posts.

That would be nice.

You reuploaded someone else’s script. Incase anyone missed all the other posts. Nice try covering it up, asshole.

Is ToyBox run by people who don’t even remember to unban people? I mean, seriously. They really need an auto lace wedding dresses.
And also, when they banned me, it started out as a one day ban. Now it’s almost a -2 day ban