wont let me buyy garry's mod

Ive been trying to buy garry’s mod on steam but it wont let me , it says this
-your transaction failed because you are trying to buy a game that requires ownership of another game you do not currently own. Please correct the error and try again.-

and i actually own Portal that is on the list of games that meet requierments for garry’s mod so i dont know what is the problem

I didn’t know steam actually prevents you from buying gmod if you don’t have another source game (or, in your case, if it only thinks you don’t).

Perhaps try reinstalling portal?

yeah it asks you to have the source engine that comes along with source games , portal is actually on the list. ive been trying by restalling it but no use :S

I’m guessing this is because of Portal becoming free for this month. Either wait until the deal expires on the 24th or buy another source game. (EG: HL2 or Counter Strike: Source. Plus, even if you don’t like CS:S a lot of maps and add ons rely on it)

yeah i was thinking about that too , i will keep trying everyday and wait till 24th if that is the problem , if i cant buy it then i think i should need to buy CS:S , but im still thinking it sould let me buy it i fill the requierments

i recommend grabbing css, you’ll want it later. it’s not a false expense.

yeah i know the problem is $$ lol

idk i think i’d reather go fer HL2, so many more props and things for gmod, OH and it’s a really good game! :slight_smile:

Portal uses another source engine i believe.
So you’ll need to get HL2 CSS or something.
I believe…

but portal is on the list of games that fill the requiertments for garry’s mod so i dont know what is the problem :S

You will need either Half life 2 itself, or buy it in a pack together with either CS:S or Team fortress 2.

It will not work with just Portal.
(I’d recommend the Gmod/CS:S pack)

PS: Did you actually start Portal at least once?

It will work with just portal, but not right now since it is currently free.

i think i will wait till portal costs again and then i will try it

If you were smart you would notice HL2 content is included with gmod no matter what game you get.
OP, do gmod+css pack

This http://www.steampowered.com/nvidia/ or this http://www.steampowered.com/ati_offer1a/ (depending on you video card) should work (becouse they both include Half-life 2 Deathmatch).

No, they don’t work for mods. Been there done that.

You’d be better off in the long run buying Gmod with CS:S, even if you don’t play CS:S (Like me) it helps since most maps mods and other things alike require CS:S textures and effects all that stuff, so your going to have a hard time playing Gmod without it.

Just to clarify for everyone in this thread seeing as 95% of the people don’t know what they’re on about

[li]Any free source game provided by any offer (aTI / Nvidia / Free portal promo for this month) do not provide the SDK and the SDK base required by Gmod.[/li][li]Just to clarify, this means you** cannot** use them as a base to buy Gmod with. You need to have at least one purchased game.[/li][li]After the promo, You still won’t be able to use this free copy to buy Gmod because it’s flagged as a free copy.[/li][li]You can use the content once you have purchased another source game to go with Gmod.[/li][li]Any source game comes with all HL2 content. This means that buying HL2 to go with Gmod is pointless, unless you want to actually play HL2.[/li][li]If you want most content for Gmod, the best combination to get is the CSS + Gmod pack, and then the Orangebox.[/li][/ul]

That should tidy everything up nicely.

Indeed it has.

Teddi is 100% correct. I was going to post to clear everything up but he beat me to it.