Won't let me sign in to garrysmod.org, says Valves' auth server is down.

I’ve been trying to get the SwepCreator addon from garrysmod.org, so I sign into Steam, and then it says the Valve auth sever is down. WTH is going on?

(User was banned for this post ("crap thread" - postal))

Valves’ auth server is down.

OK. Funny. How do I fix it though?

Reboot your computer.

Step one: get a job at Valve…

Okay, I’m really serious now. I really would appreciate some genuine help for this.

There’s nothing you can do. Just wait for the auth server to be up again.

And when is the auth server up again?

Then you can sign in and download stuff.

No, like at what time is the auth server up again?

Approximately 4:32 PM.

Prove it.

Ohhhh. Thank you so much. On what day though?

35 December 2069.

Just be patient.

Thanks guys! I was able to log in fine the next day!