Wont let me verify game

Everytime i try to verify my gmod it says:

We found your steam account and found the code - but it appears that you don’t own Garry’s Mod.

This means:

• You are mistaken and have verified the wrong account?

• You have pirated Garry’s Mod (You didn’t pay for it, you have downloaded it illegally).

Since you did not pay for Garry’s Mod, I don’t think it’s fair that I should pay to let you download addons for it (This site costs over $3000 a month to run). If you want to download addons then do the right thing and buy GMod on Steam.

I payed for this game so dont try to say i didnt, i am just looking for help please, thanks.

Miss the other two threads on this?

Steam Community is currently broken. Just wait it out.

Thanks, sorry for the post, reason i didnt check was because im a lazy shit, i should try looking more. Thanks.