Won't update

I started up the laptop monday, and I tried to open Steam, says it’s open already, I see that it’s updating, I say, oh, all right. I open it up a few hours later, the update is still on 0%. And I want to play Garry’s Mod! Can anybody help me with this?

This happens to me all the time. Right click Gmod, click Pause updating. Right click Gmod again, click Resume updating. Fixed (At least for me).

Happens all the time when i download stuff via Steam.

Do as the guy above me says.

I never said that it was GMod that was updating. I said it was Steam that was. It is in the lower right corner of the screen with the clock and all the mini-icons. It says Steam - updating - 0% completed

This is a Gmod help and support forum, so we assumed you were talking about Gmod.
It’s better to ask about steam issues on the Steam help and support page: http://support.steampowered.com , as people here aren’t payed to help you.

I just simply can’t find anything about it. Can anybody tell me what to do? And it is for GMod. I can’t play it!
O.K. This is how it is.

I want to play GMod. So, I click on Steam, it says it is already open, then I think “Huh, it’s not. I can’t see it” so then I look at my icons on the toolbar. I mean the lower right icons. I see the Steam update icon. I think “Hm, better see how much it’s loaded” I see then “0%” I think “Oh, all right, I can wait” 2 hours later or so I go the PC again. It is still 0%. Can anybody help me to cancel the update or something?
I want to play.
I will be as happy as this guy then

Use task manager’s processes tab to close it, then reopen it.

Close steam then goto your steam directory and delete ClientRegistry.blob and then try opening steam again.

That’s the point. I can’t.


Same goes for that.

You can always close stuff with the processes tab.
Open the task manager.
Go to the second tab, called “Processes”.
Click ONCE on any of the tasks.
Click “S” for “Steam” (Click S several times until you get to Steam.exe)
Click End Process.

Bro. You saved my fuckin’ life. THANK YOU!