Wood Dorway gets destroyed with a Pickaxe with 200 hits?!

Hello Guys,
it is right that the Wood Dorway can be destroyed without C4??
That would be really shitty, cause my base is designed of a high tower with many Wood Dorways and Metal Doors in it.
At the rust wiki page you can found this information: “Wood Doorways are destructable. Takes 200+ hits with a pickaxe?”

Sooo is anyone able to try it with a few guys? :DD
I would be really happy if i would know its not possible with a pickaxe.

I think you can’t destroy the doorway when it’s got a door in it.
Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

Please let it true, otherwise it would be enough if a dozen people with pickaxes would come and smashing my whole base. :s

I think this is just a mistake. A while ago in closed alpha they added destruction to building parts with melee, but it was removed. I don’t think the wiki has updated in a while so it could just be left there when they edited the page when that feature was added.

Is it not true that a wiki page can be edited by anyone…?

Your wooden door can be destroyed ofcourse…

Mhm i hope youre right guys… :slight_smile:
i’ll test it today and write a answer here.