Wood Foundation bug? Help please

Hello guys!
I am currently building my new house with friend and we cannot place wooden foundations around the house. But only last 3. Other side of the house was fine. Is it a bug or i do something wrong?
Please help



Nope, that’s how foundations work. Build your first foundation on the higher ground so you can place more.

I agree with Protocol7.
I also had this issue in a similar case.
They could solve it with a system to edit the terrain.

But you have to search for a better place atm.

so now i am screwed basically right? just because i was not building house from higher to lower ground?

Try to improvise. :slight_smile:

Yeah but resources are easy to come across, replacing what you have shouldn’t take that long.

Well, you’re not really screwed, you look like you already have a decent size base. Go for height instead of floor space since now they can’t build a foundation there to get up to your higher levels.

okay thanks guys

From the looks of it the slope of the land is too high for you to place foundations in that spot now…

I have done this in trying to make 3x3 plots numerous times. You’ll get the hang of it after a few tries. As suggested above, start the foundations on the higher part of the slops and work downwards.

you can still ask the admin to delete the structure if oxide is installed on the server.