wood from trees = stones from rock

Simple and logical addition to make getting the hatchet easier. This way, even if you have a million wood but can’t find an ore spawn, you can take the extra time getting less stones than normal by hitting a rock(aka turd), much like you would a tree if you can’t find lumber piles. We all love the Rock but the game doesnt really start until you get hatchet and needing to find an ore spawn for that can be so fucking aggravating.

i saw a comment about considering having stone nodes swapped out for a layer on the “turds” that can be harvested, but damned if i can remember where…


Yea expect the current ore nodes to go bye bye. The idea of having respawnable nodules on all rock formations is great and will solve most of the current problems getting stone that so many people mention.

Sweet I hadn’t seen that Trello post yet. Thanks, sounds like a good idea overall.