Wood gates and protecting your house?

How do you break wood gates and them wood spikes, also what do you guys feel the best way is to protect your base and your precious?


**You can glitch climb over gates.
It doesn’t look possible, but it is.
Place a box on the floor, a shelter (use the box to jump on) and another box on top of the shelter in front of the gate, and with a bit of patience you can jump at the gate- get stuck in it and then jump a few more times to get over top.

You can jump over spiked wood with placing a barrier or a shelter - take a run and jump over. - come out - and jump back over using the same method.

The only way to fully protect your base is to build it a 3 days run into the spawn-less abyss and never stop playing… ever.

Best way to protect your base is to place a foundation next to it with a pillar in the middle so they can’t build stairs directly next to your house. That forces them to go through your top floor by placing one more foundation with stairs and jumping 1 foundation lenght or using a storage box and a barricade to get to the second floor or going in through the first floor.

As toyz said spikes only slow them down. If you’re shotting from the windows spikes will have an impact since they will be exposed while climbing over but if they have time spikes mean nothing.

similar to what sabarke said, two layers of foundations with pillars in the middle of each all the way around your house will make it impossible for an enemy to climb into any portion of your house; they’ll be forced to start from the bottom and move upwards. my favorite style is a 3-foundation-long tower with 2 doors on every floor. it would take a LOT of C4 to make it to the top of any tower designed like this.

i’m amazed so few people use the “pillars in the middle” technique since it’s pretty foolproof, what with pillars being indestructible currently.

the only way i can think of outwitting the pillars technique, as far as i can tell, would be to build stairs/ramps right next to the pillars, adding more pillars on top of the home’s protective pillars, and then leapfrogging across them. but i have no idea if you can add pillars directly on top of pillars with no supporting constructions, and i also have no idea if it’s possible to leap from one pillar to another. i really doubt it, though.

if you plan on doing that pillars in the middle is not enough since they can use a 2x2 with middle pillars to place a roof/stair. You would need pillars in the middle and pillars in the middle of the 2x2 formed with middle pillars in each foundation.
Also remember you have to raise all the pillars to at least the same height as your house.

It gets pretty expensive.

I usually start with the outer pillars when I’m at the 3rd floor.

Multiple bases, stashes in smart places behind crates (stashes exist for a reason), spike walls outta ass for traps, shooting tower with windows and nothing in it for defence.

One huge base might be impressive but it requires many coordinated people to maintain. Spread out, form a ‘cloud’.

my 6 day old base begs to differ on almost all of your points.

this works on crappy houses, if you know what your doing and experiment a little you find ways to keep them out.

creativity is key


If you have one gate. it can be glitched over. fact.
If you have spikes, they can be jumped over (Unless you stack them 4+ deep)
If you’re in a populated area. It will be breached, its just a matter of time. Your 6 days doesn’t mean a thing.

PM me your base location and server. and I will prove it.

Now them be fighting words - rawrrrrr :stuck_out_tongue:

This will be the reason a lot of people will quit…unless it is remedied. I am not saying there should be a way to become invulnerable but…

Having zero way to protect yourself other then CONSTANT playing will turn me off and most average gamers very quickly once it is out.

then dont use the gate where it can be glitched over or block the glitch spot with another spiked wall

the build tall spiked walls or build them on a diagonal so they are deeper

well derp thats a given how do you think a wooden base has lasted me over 6 days

being a step ahead of the other guy is what keeps a base alive. there are only three of us we’ve had a dozen attempted raids and the most they have gotten was 2 crates worth of basic resources

the number of times they have ignored a storage filled with ammo and mp5s and blown up a wall to a furnace and back up bed to get nothing is hilarious.

and what kind of moron are you, of course if i tell you exactly where it is you will eventually get in, anyone could, but you are all internet badass right… fucking 14 year olds on the internet

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thats fine, these games are not for everyone and the minute they try to make them for everyone, no one wants to play it

most of us are loving Rust BECAUSE OF THIS, quit thinking of this as some hoarders game where collecting and building a pretty tower is the goal instead of surviving and making sure you survive longer than anyone else

It has become a hoarders game…also I never said I was not having a blast. I simply stated the games features and the abilities of a player to develop adequate defenses was lacking.

I am loving rust and got 4 friends to buy it and we are enjoying the current raw game together.

However if this game does not give the player the ability to log off and go to bed without probably not dying then it will be a failure and will have very low interest. The game should not be designed around gamers who do not have jobs, families, lives…etc…if they want to develop the game so that it fits only gamers who can be on 15 hours a day to make sure your base is safe etc…then its a waste…to advocate such a game is foolish and you do not understand my point.

I am cool with dying…but if this game forces players to simply build 20 story towers with metal doors on each level…and that is the sum of security…then wtf…not very original.

Its prob a moot point right now as so much is missing and the game is still developing but you arguing for the previous stated game makes me think you are just being a fan boy and not actually thinking about the future of the game. I am having fun but I also am interested in the details of what the future will hold.

Also I can not down on being a fan boy that much and I do understand it as…I did play WoW or Galaxies and with all the issues with those games still defended them however I like to think I am somewhat wiser and a more demanding gamer now a days of more perfection where I spend my money.