Wood is back in town, baby!

I saw the failplane thread and it was so sweet that I made a failplane of my very own. But why stop there? The age of woodwars was freakin’ sweet and I’m sure everyone who was around at the time agrees that true badasses make tanks out of trees and projectiles out of propane.
This is a thread dedicated to combat wood, in memory of those trees which lost their lives to make blowing eachother up in a hail of splinters possible, and extremely satisfying. May those brave planks rest in peace. :britain:

I’m going to be updating this thread with progress on my winplane, but if wood gets back in fashion I think it’d be great to have a place to keep track of the second rise of the brown splintery war machine.



It’s a statue right now, but in two or three days time it’ll be a bringer of breakable doom. Still asking for detail props.
The entire thing will be parented which should make it immune to bullets but not explosions. However, it’ll be parented in parts to a phyical pretend body of multiple props, making it easier to take down with lead. The propane tanks will be welded so hitting one of those will take a wing or the entire tail off, leading to a high velocity floor hug.

hahha nice idea

I’ve got wood.

Shoot the wings for critical damage!

Heck, I’ll make a woodwars plane today…i’ll post my completed plane here on this thread. Unfortunately I do not remember woodwars being in style, but I have had the pleasure of one or two wood wars, and I’m more than happy to bring it into the mainstream.

lol D-man constantly uses his mic

Well, as promised, here’s what I’ve been working on, in between watching Dirty Harry and eating otter pops.




It’s built to withstand a lot of punishment, therefore it is heavy and a little bit cumbersome. But it can turn on a dime and takes effort to spiral into the ground.

I know that cooking pot thing there is a little strange, but turrets kept on moving back and destroying my wings so I just popped it up there.

Kind of B-25 like…I like the way it looks. Here’s my to-do list for it:

  1. Aiming system
  2. Improve firepower without destroying plane.
  3. Improve speed and possibly tweak rate of climb.

I know it ain’t the best looking thing in the world, but i’m anxious to try it out. If anyone has a plane they’d like to dogfight me with, I’ll be happy to accept :smiley:

Put the turret speed a .12 and you’ll be fine.

Rule 1 of Woodwars Aircraft… The turret must remain at 0.12 or below 0.12 anything over will destroy the aircraft during a turn dogfight,

I just built a woodplane yesterday o_o

Excellent comrades, your fine flying machines will make a noble addition to the mighty Woodwaffe!

I’ve been adding flight to my plane, but the chip that I’m using is really sensitive to extra weight so tuning it is going to take a while. After that I need to mod the chip to let the plane get fucked over when a wing or two are popped off and I’m all set. The fusion of old school woodwars and new wire tech feels pretty cool tbh.

Cool, I’ll take that into consideration.


My plane is done…looking for a dogfight right now at Evan’s Build [PHX3/Wire/assorted tools]
at playing Freespace 06 v2-1

I smell advertisement :sun:

Lol…I was halfway through writing that when I thought, ‘Sound’s like i’m advertising this’ but people always seemed to get flamed for not having a server name or IP address so what the hey. :v:

100% vanilla wood and material (except for wire)

Fucking radical :smiley:

We need some wood tanks, and wood boats people. Lets get this show on the road!

Looks like an ornithopter. I can just those wings flapping away.

Ohh it shall be done! This is a trend I hope lasts years.

Awwwright, my winplane is working pretty well now but the prop that I’ve used as a parent for the body won’t break when it smacks into the ground. Any easier way to get this to work than a wired explosive and a world trace?

Was going to take more pics, but the server I was on crashed so that’s not happening tonight. It has wheels and guns now.