Wood, metal,door frames and metal doors all removed from everyone

I went onto my server to be told that everyone has had all of their wood and metal stolen now this sounds normal but it was just metal and wood stolen from everyone’s storage and all of the metal doors have also been removed with the door frames. what makes this really weird is that no one that was in their houses was killed either which you would expect if someone raided. It doesn’t seem possible for someone to find and raid everyone’s houses and blow up all the metal doors and take the resources. Has anyone else encountered this? is it some sort of exploit or just a bug with the server?

Also will there be any sort of player logging added for the server? It would really help to see if it was a player or just the server that caused this.

I have done this, going over the whole map with several people with many stacks of charges, blowing open every door we find but not killing anyone.

It happens.

Admins cannot force something to despawn and you cannot teleport to someone who is offline. The only way for this to occur is with a great number of explosive charges and stealing the materials.

Don’t build your house in public areas. They can’t raid you if they can’t find you.